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Signs that a Job Advertisement is a Scam

The global population is rising at an alarming rate leading to a decrease in available job opportunities. Due to the high demand for employment opportunities for the youth and middle-aged people, scammers are emerging with fake job advertisements promising to offer lucrative jobs. Most job seekers are desperate and are easily lured to these ads and end up spending a tremendous amount of money to secure fake jobs.

How do you identify a fake job ad?

The deal is too good

Most employers have an average rate for specific job positions and genuine job boards will inform you. The payment rate does not have a considerable variance in different companies. If you notice that the darbo skelbimai are offering double or thrice the reasonable remuneration that is a warning sign of a fake job opening.

Other scammers promise guaranteed promotions or don’t require academic qualifications for high positions. It would be best if you refrained from applying for such jobs ads as in most instances, they are fake adverts.

Asking for application fees

The application process for any job position through genuine platforms should free, whether through online platforms or physical offices. If the job ad demands payment for the application, distance yourself from such fraudsters.

Other scammers ask for your financial details such as credit and debit card numbers and secret pin. If you share such private information with them, they can hack into your bank account and withdraw your money. Also, they can use your details to conduct fraudulent activities, such as securing loans in your name from various financial institutions.

The company does not have an online presence

Genuine companies have established business websites and social media accounts. If you note that the company you are seeking for a job does not have any online presence, it means it is a fraudulent company.

To win thousands of applicants’ hearts, most scammers use the names of reputable brands in their job adverts. You should be cautious and check for any inconsistency in the company’s business name and website.

The email address

Most companies have business email addresses as opposed to personal email addresses. Scrutinize the nature of the email address used to determine whether it is genuine or not. Also, the email address should not feature random letters or digits but should be consistent with the name of the company or business.

If you have any doubts about the email address used in the job advert, you can contact the company or employer for more details. You can also visit the website of the advertising company and confirm if they have any job openings.

Confirm if the company is in the scam lists

They are some companies that have been continuously reported because of scamming innocent job seekers. Those companies are listed in the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau. If you are interested to darbas Vilniuje ensure you do thorough backgrounds check on the company you are seeking a job.

Bottom Line

They are numerous job ads scams in the various job-seeking platforms, and job seekers unknowingly get trapped by those scammers. The above warning signs should help you identify them and refrain from engaging with the fraudsters. You should also consider using smart strategies if you want to Darbas Kaune.